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Regional foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry have decided to create a "Club of Partner Chambers" in Kyiv

Delegations of foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry from 13 countries in June 2018 arrived in Ukraine at the invitation of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Foreign partners took part in the IV National Export Forum, exhibition-presentation "Made in Kyiv", as well as visited the Kyiv city administration to establish partnerships and deepen cooperation.

During the Summit of Partner Chambers, Mykola Zasulsky thanked and rewarded the partners who, according to him, made a special contribution to the development of relations between chambers. Zlatan Frolich, President of Zagreb Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Tamaz Shavadze, President of Ajarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, received the "Honorary Award of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce" for many years of cooperation, a great personal contribution to the development of partnerships with the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and an active position in the development of trade and economic relations between representatives of business circles of countries.

Sigitas Leonavičius, president of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, announced the idea of ​​setting up a club of partner chambers: "Business has long been not living under the laws of political maps. There are no boundaries for business. Therefore, the idea of ​​organizing national and regional chambers was created to protect the interests of our entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses. I hope that this initial group of 14 countries will soon become a Club of Partner Chambers, which will deal with business issues internationally. "

The activities of the "Kyiv Club" of the Partner Chambers will be aimed at consolidating and coordinating efforts to implement economic policies that will facilitate the growth of entrepreneurial activity and the establishment of mutually beneficial links between countries and regions.

The heads of foreign chambers of commerce also met with the deputy head of the Kyiv city state administration Dmytro Davtyan. During a business meeting, it was determined that thanks to the cooperation of the chambers of commerce and industry of the capital and partner countries, Ukrainians receive not only commercial benefits but also social support and development. In turn, Nikolai Zasulsky handed Dmitry Davtyan a commemorative emblem of the Kyiv CCI.

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