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Summit of “KYIV CLUB” of Partner Chambers

The event is planned as part of the V National Export Forum which will be held at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 2-4, 2019.

The Forum theme will be devoted to actual issues of export development in Ukraine, international trade, as well as the establishment of international business contacts. Ways of implementing the export strategy of Ukraine, trends and changes in world trade and the priorities of export development will be discussed with the participation of representatives of Ukrainian and foreign business, state authorities and diplomatic corps.

During the Constituent Summit of Partner Chambers which will be held at the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry there will be discussed practical aspects of the Kyiv Club activities, approved the Charter, roadmap and symbolism of the Club.

The creation of an international association - "Kyiv Club" of the Partner Chambers” - was decided during the last year's Summit which was attended by the leaders of 14 foreign Chambers of Commerce from 13 countries. This year's participation has already been confirmed by the leaders of chambers of commerce of Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia.

The "Kyiv Club" of Partner Chambers” is a non-profit voluntary association of leaders of chambers of commerce, regardless of their location which supports the principles of a mutual desire for rapprochement and deepening of cooperation. The Club activities are aimed at consolidating and coordinating efforts in the implementation of economic policies that promote the growth of entrepreneurial activity, the establishment of mutually beneficial links between the members of the Club as an instrument of cooperation between countries and regions.

At the same time, the participants of the Forum and Summit - the leaders of the partner chambers of commerce will get to know the achievements of the capital of Ukraine, they will be able to meet again and discuss ways to strengthen partnerships.

 Staying in Kyiv will make it possible for guests to become closer acquainted with Ukrainian culture, traditions and national color.

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