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What is YAKA? The Natural Ukrainian cosmetics?

There are many successful and active businesses in Ukraine. But it has never been heard about the creation of own Ukrainian cosmetic brand. We are talking about creating a complete process from the idea to the organization of production and the cultivation own components. Taras TARASEVYCH, the commercial director of the REMOS company, told how high-quality eco-products can be created in modern Ukrainian realities.

Our meeting took place at the company's office located in the Roslavychi village, Vasylkiv district. There are also production capacities with an area more than 500 square meters.

We could not wait and asked Mr. Taras, which beauty products he begins his day with? Smiling, he replied: “My day begins, of course, with purification using the means producted by our company. My family also beginns its day in the same way. If I "copy" the style of the story of fashion beauty bloggers (from Instagram, for example), my wife would say: "firstly, I use natural washing foam from "YAKA" brand, then tonic, moisturizing serum "YAKA", and finally, day protective cream "YAKA". Speaking seriously, it is important to test every product on yourself and be 100 percent sure of the quality.

- What influenced the choice of such a specific market segment as natural cosmetics?

- That was chance circumstance. Our family returned from a tourist trip from the Czech Republic, greatly impressed by the local shops selling natural cosmetics. The scents and sensation of velvet to the touch of the use of Czech products impressed on our memory. We thought that we also could create cosmetics here, in Ukraine, which will be 100% natural and will not be inferior in quality to imported counterparts, but will surpass them.

In 2005, we “went all in” and opened our own cosmetics company. From the very beginning, the basis of the products was the criterion for the quality of cosmetics, naturalness. We did not save on the components of our products and did not even think about cheapening. We did it as for ourselves. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality. It took 2 years to complete the first recepies.

At the very beginning, we chose the concept of products atypical for the Ukrainian market. Our company is not a one-day company, and not a company that sought to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. We chose the concept of less dynamic development, but the creation of a strong brand and a strong company that will be known for centuries.

Now, we have experience and knowledge of technology and development, our own know-how in our portfolio. REMOS is familiar with most commodity companies that are present in the markets of the world. In addition, we grow our own plants, here in Roslavychi. Herbs are filled with the forces of our Ukrainian earth, water, air, sun. They are very fragrant and have healing properties.

–        From the very beginning, there was a great desire to create a revolutionary new, high-quality and natural product. Natural essential oils, natural herbs, and exclusively vegetable fats that are used in production - this is really the key to success and the guarantee that the product will be of high quality and will not harm the skin and health.

–        Who was the first who believed in your products?

–        "Haievskyi" pharmacy in Odessa was the first who believed in our products. We came to them with a request to buy a piece of soap and they did not refuse. The market welcomed our products. Of course, something new always attracts attention.

–        What are the production volumes now? Where is it all for sale?

–        At the end of last year, REMOS company produced more than 260,000 units of products, of which 110,000 were solid soaps, 150,000 were creams, gels, shampoos.

We are present in almost all pharmacy chains of Ukraine, in eco-shops and most shops selling organic goods, as well as in online stores.

–        What does the name "YAKA" mean?

–        "YA" is qualitative, "K" is useful, "A" is aromatherapeutic (in Ukrainian).

Under the brand "YAKA" we produce solid and liquid soaps, shower gels, various cream products (for example, facial care), the entire range of hair care products.

–        Do you face any difficulties in your daily work?

–        Yes, of course. It is necessary to perform a lot of explanatory work, natural is not just some kind of fetish or “something” that distinguishes you from the producers of other products, but it is necessary to prove that it is really correct and necessary for a person and its health. It is difficult to influence the habits, preferences of consumers, and the fact that people do not want to think about the influence of "chemicals" on their bodies. In presence of amount of “chemicals” in our everyday life, it is too much to care for our skin and body with the help of “chemicals”.

There are some problems in creating a quality product. However, we do it not the first year. We can make a competitive product or a product that will benefit. It is not pseudonatural or similar to the natural, it is real and natural. That is, Ukraine can produce high-quality cosmetics.

- Is the cosmetics "YAKA" exported?

- Yes. Now we are deepening our presence in the markets of Poland and Lithuania, we work with professional communities in the field of health improvement and organic cosmetics, we participate in major exhibitions, we directly negotiate with pharmacies and retail chains in other countries.

In general, I want to say that we are very scrupulous about the choice of partners, so we carefully select the places where our cosmetics will be sold.

Mr. Taras, what advice will you give to new entrepreneurs?

–        Count on yourself, but focus on the consumer. Don't lose your individuality. The times of "copies" of well-known brands have passed. Work on creating your own brand and always tell the truth about your products. People seek "genuine" products, whether cosmetics or something else. Stay yourself and be sincere and honest. People immediately feel false.

From a psychological point of view, it is important for entrepreneurs to overcome their fears. Never calm down. Look for "your" face. Test your products if it allows you to do this. Take into account your feelings, trust the process.

Actually, I give advice that our company adheres to every day and the whole history of our existence.

We thank Taras Tarasevych for the story.

In addition, we want to say the following. These stories and people are always inspiring.

The editorial staff have tested "YAKA" brand creams, shampoos, gels. We can state that anyone, who tried these products, is unlikely to refuse it once.

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