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Second International Forum Cyber Security. Protect your business!

Supported by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

October 16, 2019 Kyiv

33 Velyka Zhytomyrska str. 

Cybersecurity – the biggest challenge for digital economy

30 key experts

500 participants 3 events in parallel

The main Event of Cyber Security Month in Ukraine 2019

Experts will evaluate how reliable cyber security is in the country? Are we safe from cyber threats? What are the lessons learned by the government and business after the massive cyber attacks and how public-private initiative can improve and accelerate the formation of a secure cyberspace in the country.

Participants will discuss the key topics of cybersecurity: in politics, technology, education, will come up with proposals and recommendations for the President of Ukraine, the Government and the Parliament of the State


II International Forum on Cyber Security “Protect Your Business!” will be a key event for the Cybersecurity Month, which will be held in Ukraine on October 1-31, 2019 and will be part of the European Cyber Security Month. Representatives of almost 100 companies from Ukraine, Israel, Germany, USA, UAE are planning to take part in its activities. Specialized forums "LEGAL CYBERSECURITY FORUM", "РКІ forum" will be held. The First National Exhibition "Cyber Security 2019" will take place during the Forum.  

This is the first high-scale event in the country,

the purpose of which - to showcase the potential of Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity¸ to show companies that can present innovative solutions in the field of corporate cybersecurity, security for AI, Blockchain, 5G, IOT¸ to get acquainted with security technologies that take into account collaboration - from mobile devices and social networks to virtualization and cloud computing.


The event format provides online broadcasting with the participation of diplomatic missions and trade missions of CCI of Ukraine abroad.

Kindly invite you for participation!

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